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January 2017
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Electrical Wholesale – Change or Be Left Behind

Change or be left behind ?

I joined R&M Electrical Wholesalers in 2012 and have been in the electrical and lighting industry for 15 years and I have seen big changes in that time in the electrical industry, Infact I would say there have been more radical changes in the last 10 years than there was in the previous 40 years.

So what has changed ?

Products ?

Incandescent fluorescent and discharge lamps have been a staple for the last 100 years with little real change however LED has developed at a rate far faster than its predecessors.


With all the new LED companies springing up all over the place and the whole market saturated the price and profit has dropped to a level below the lamps they are replacing.

I recently quoted a number of LED floodlights at around £30 each and I thought to myself why are we selling a new technology product at a price cheaper than the older 70w SON it is madness at this transitional stage and that is part ( only part !! ) of the problem !

Competition ?

We are based in Broxburn which is a small town outside of Edinburgh and In the last 3 years we have seen 3 new wholesalers branches within 15 miles .


Edinburgh alone must have about ten electrical wholesaler branches , National wholesalers some of which are owned by the same parent company , Independent Wholesalers AND chains of superstores or DIY stores all fighting for the same piece of pie it has become harder than ever to find new customers and keep your existing customers from the competition.

Internet Killed our trade ? Thats one I hear alot and guess what … I totally disagree 🙂

Why ?…………………….


Yes it has made some aspects harder , customers have access to prices they did not before at the click of a button. Customers now have chains of hardware stores everywhere that can deliver next day anywhere in the country ….. Great ( for the customer )

But … and yes there is a but

How easy is it now with the internet to look for product , source information, source anything !! even looking for potential customers is easier ( getting them ….  )
Use it right and the Internet is your friend and anything can be done.

So the available customer pool is deminishing and the circle of prospects is shrinking but we havethe internet .. Time to buck the trend and do what most of our competition is not.

Use it.

  • We have spent the last year planning how to use the internet to our advantage and the fact you are on our blog on our website shows what we are doing
  • We now sell on our Website www.rmelect.co.uk 
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Trade Counter
  • Blog
  • Come on , change and dont wait for the phone to ring – it can be exciting
  • and we have other Irons in the fire for 2017.


Content and experience is king so why be like Screwfix or the others who yes have lots of stock and buying power but most of the staff dont have the industry knowledge and experience that we do. Time for people to come to our website and find out about new products and trends , new technology and be different.

Until 2015 we had not shipped internationally and now we have shipped to

  • Canada
  • Malta
  • Italy
  • Denmark and other far off places from our little office in Broxburn.


We have changed and we are sure it will grow our business and keep with our ethos of bringing value to other businesses and going the extra mile.

Time to change folks and don`t be afraid of change , Its a challenge.


Let me know how the internet has changed your business.

Speak Soon !



Article by Alex McDougall

Copyright R&M Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

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